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I've had people ask if they can use this board to ask people out. Nope. This is not a dating site in any way, shape, or form, so please don't. Thanks.

Also, since my book sponsors the site, I have to mention that I will be in Chicago Crain's Business the week of Jan. 29 issue, featured at least in-part in a dating article. Huh... not sure the light I'll be in but I had fun doing the interview, the journalist was very cool.

WGN Morning News - Jan. 30 at 7:50 and 8:50AM. This airs nationally, so some good coverage and should be fun.

WASSUP Magazine - Feb issue debuts my new dating column in this smaller magazine, "Lunch is Not a Date," which I hope to syndicate. The magazine is found throughout Chicago and Northern Illinois and is free. Kari Payne is my expert for this first article...

That's it. Play hard and have a good wknd.

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Hi Ian,

Even if it's to ask YOU out?

Love the book.

- Lara

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Well, there's always an exception to the rule...

It's so easy to track me down via and, no need to use a board to get in touch w/me.    Glad you like the book, Lara.  Thanks for the support; it owes everything to word of mouth.
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Greetings.  What a great site.  Your book God is a Woman is very funny.  I have a brother who is always wanting to get fixed up. I recently met a pretty woman who on the outside fit his criteria.  I started telling this woman about your book. She interrupted me after the title and insisted that God is not a woman. I tried to explain that it was a book about dating disasters but she would have nothing of it. She kept telling me that God is not a woman because she would never create women as beautiful as they are on earth because no woman wants competition.  (Most women freak out if some one else has the same dress at a party or dance she felt the need to explain....)  From this woman I learned two things:

1.  Stay out of  the friend zone even when trying to fix up someone else.

2.  Psychos, no matter how beautiful, are not dating material, not even for brothers.

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