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well, its a first date story and a last date story.  back when i was 18 i briefly dated ( 1 date) a guy my age. we had known each other since elementary school and decided to give the dating thing a try. anywyas, he had his own apartment with a pretty nice lawn in front of the building.  i'm from the south so everything has a lawn.  before sunset one day, we set out a blanket and decided to sit outside until the stars came out. well, being friends, we always took the chance to playfully push and shove a little here and there.  eventually we started to tussle and roll around but it was all out of passion.  toobad his neighbors didnt think the same thing. next thing we know, the police show up and put both of in handcuffs. turns out the neighbors thought we were fighting and called the police to break up a domestic argument. after some convincing, we were both released and thank god no charges were filed. needless to say, my brief beau and i havent spoken to each toher since then and i'm 24 now.  but i id learn that if i felt like wrestling with a boyfriend, to keep it behind closed doors, preferably the bedroom

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