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I'm too embarrassed to even mention my name on this; plus, I don't want to scare women away!


I have some bad allergies that really act up bad now and again.  Once I was getting lucky with a first date.  We had just gotten completely undressed and I was kissing her neck (I was on top) when I felt this... well, nasal problem, shall we say?  I tried to pull away to get a kleenex near the bed, but she kept holding my head to her every time I tried.  I finally had to force her hands away from my head and pulled away for a kleenex.  Too late.  This long, endless piece of snot ran from my nose down onto her... we'll say stomach but it was higher than that... yeah, it hit the twins.  She shrieked, jumped up, got dressed and left.  She never returned any of my calls.  So close!

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That is pretty bad, dude.  Get some allergy medicine, already!  Better luck next time. 

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Body fluid is body fluid!!

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It is said that in a good relationship, your partner would tolerate/like all of your body's..... hmmm "disposables" , yep even the gross ones. However for a first date I guess that is a "little" too much to ask.  
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     i like milk!!

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 totally off topic dude!!

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  joe, u sound HOT, want to go out??? k good!

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  sure, meet me @ my house, i would tell u, but im just kidding, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i don't go out w/ myself!! yah that's right,, i am joe, and chloe' i just put on this little  skit 4 all u people that are reading this right now!! hope u enjoyed it!!  oh, u did, k, good! bye bye!! i am never getting back on this site ever again so none of yall can ask me out!! and yes, im a girl!!
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  well maybe i'll get back on next moonth, just 2 c if any1 replied!! ( 2 me )

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  sorry, i spelled my user name wrong on that last reply, ( the one where i said my name was chloe' not joe!! ) i spelled it like without the "h" sorry, remember, next month!! i'll b wieghting!!

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