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First, bought and read the book and kudos to it.

My dating disaster wasn't so much a disaster with the date, more what happened after.  I dated a very fine girl I met online.  This was our second date, and I had drover her home afterwards.  So after chatting for a while in her flat I bid farewell and left to wander down to my car.

So this is where things start to go wrong...I've left the car parked in a secure parking place in her apartment blocks' car park.  So far so good.  As I'm coming upto my car I hear the radiator fan going.  Now that's odd as one, I didn't drive it very far, two I was inside for quite some time so it would have surely cooled down and three it wasn't particularly warm (being as I'm in the north of the UK which is not exactly known for those shorts and bikini's weather).

It's night so I aproach cautiously as I can't see all that well, and sure enough there's a discolouration in the metal work of the bonnet.  Crap!  I stick my hand out above the bonnet careful not to touch as I have a hunch.  I was right, it was warm.  Turns out I'd had an electrical fire, as I found out afterwards.  Of course I didn't know  it at the time so I pretty freaked, not knowing much about cars.  I knock back on my dates door, she lets me in a little surprised.  I explain what's happened.  I call the AA (I think you call it AAA in USA) and they tow my car.  Humiliated I grab a lift home from my date, who then pormptly dumps me the next time we meet.  So I'm out one car and one hot lady-friend.

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Irish, thanks for sharing. Sorry for the late response; haven't checked this board in a LONG time. Glad you liked the book! So, do you walk everywhere now or get another car...?
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Well I was for a little while walking places and catching the dreaded public transport (which was actually not as bad as all that and a packet of crisps)!

I'm lucky right now I have a new (second hand but new) car and I can now walk to current workplace. Now I'm just waiting for my current pair of legs to give way and my current girlfriend to dump me after that...
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