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    My weird dating story happened when I was using a dating hookup service.  They hooked me up with a gentleman who had alopecia (no body hair).  Being a Doctor, that really wasn't an issue and for our 'date' we decided to take my dog on a walk in a forest preserve.  Very safe, no expectations.  However my dog had other ideas.  My dog was a very big yellow labrador, about 130 lbs, and we were all crammed into his Jeep.  Kip (my dog) sat behind my date, on the small backseat and proceeded to lick his (bald) head on the drive to the forest preserve.  Not just little puppy kisses, but full out wet slobbery ones.  I kept trying to get him to stop, but for whatever reason he couldn't get enough of this man's head. Needless to say, I opt for restaurants for a first date anymore. 

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Thats pretty funny. My own dog story came when my college girlfriend (she , not so long a non-virgin) and I did the meet the parents thing in her country town. We roll up after the long drive, sit in the living room with conservative Mom and very big stern Dad, and stiffly chat. The family labrador comes in , sniffs me and starts with great determination to hump my leg. Full boner, cant be shooed or even pulled off.   Its clear from the look of horror on Dads face that he realizes that this is exactly what I am doing to his 18 yr old daughter at that big city college. The more we pulled at the damn dog, the harder he went. It was a very long weeknd.

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