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Hi Ladies, Have you ever been on a bad date? I mean a truly awful date, one that’s so bad it’s comical, a date where you reach a level of discomfort you never even knew existed? Have you ever been roped into “stopping by” a guy’s apartment after date one, only for you to find it lit up with candles and completely prepared for your arrival? What about one-night stands? Has a new friend ever asked you, in the middle of sex, to be his girlfriend? Or called out, “I like this game!”? If so, we want to hear from you! We’re collecting short stories of dates and one-night stands gone wrong for a book project, and we need your help! Our goal is to compose a book about dating issues, particularly blind dates and online dates, and how to take them in stride and move along. The message is simple: Sometimes guys can be just as crazy, if not crazier, than girls! Here are some guidelines to give you an idea of what we’re looking for: *Stories should be short and punchy, no more than a couple pages. *You don’t have to be a writer—we’re also happy to interview you and write the stories ourselves. *Make us laugh! Think “He’s Just Not That Into You” meets Carrie Bradshaw, only without the lovey-dovey, sappy stuff. Please get in touch with any material you might have. Tell your friends, your friends’ friends, your moms, your sisters, any female you know, to get in touch with us with their stories and questions! We look forward to the laughs! PLEASE EMAIL
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