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I get to be the first post!  What a great idea for a message board.  Lord knows I have enough of these...


What is your least romantic date?  A guy once brought me motor oil.  That's right.  Motor oil.  Not flowers.  Not candy.  Motor oil.  I guess that's what happens when you live in a small Indiana town near Kentucky.


Can anyone top that?

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I suspect that this gentleman had some odd oil fetish and was hoping to use the motor oil on you at some point in the evening. Personally I prefer olive oil, better taste! 
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I swear to God I grew up in a small Indiana Town on the border of Kentucky. I once dated a woman by the same name, and I thought it would be romantic to change her oil in her, because I smelled the oil burning, and knew she was too busy to do it herself.

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Great idea for a board.  I will play along.  (By the way I too have Indiana connections.)

Least romantic date.  Went on a blind date with a girl.  It was a setup.  I knew a guy and his girlfriend. They wanted to set me up with a girl named Susan.  I resisted their suggestion of a blind date for several weeks.  Finally, I gave in.

We went to a drive in movie.  Not many left in these days. I think it was in Linton, IN.  Afterwards, my blind date suggested snipe hunting.  I thought maybe that meant go make out.  Much to my surprise, I spent the next 45 minutes watching my blind date shoot rats at a local junk yard.
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