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I realized today I forgot to mention the purpose of this board.  I recently completed a book which just came out (finally!) on dating disasters (which are all really funny) and some celebrity stories, and what I learned from those stories to then be successful in future situations (i.e. advice).  (I'm a standup comedian, so the celebrity stories are mostly comedians, like Drew Carey, etc.)


So many people tell me "I have a bunch of dating disasters for ya!"  I thought, "What the hell?  Let 'em tell the stories on a message board.  Why should I be the only one to get to vent?"  And walah, here is the board.


So, feel free to post away, whatever.  Good luck w/the dating!



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Do you really have to explain the concept of a dating disaster board??

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Based on reading the excerpts, I think the book isn't that funny. Sounds like you have been frustrated by your inability to "score", and bagging on women is a good way to get back at them. Maybe if you stopped trying to just fuck some random woman and tried to find someone to make a real connection with, you would have better luck.

Anyway, even this forum is pretty boring. I want to read some REAL dating mishaps, not some half assed failures.
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Read the book. Most people who read the book love it. This forum will probably become very lively once more people hear about it. Why don't you spread the word to make the forum better instead of just bashing it? Or are you just one of those random people who clicks on everything on the web, bashing them all because you have nothing else to do?

You are completely wrong about him going around trying to pick up random women and being bitter. You couldn't be further off. Of course, if you read the book, you would know that. But you're right; don't read something and assume you know everything about it and then write a critique. Bloody brilliant. 
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No, I haven't read the book. I found the site by accident, and decided to read ALL of the excerpts--none of which were funny. Doesn't give me much hope for the book, so I'm not going to waste my money. Why should I promote something that I don't find funny?

And you know, Steve--you sound just as bitter. My suggestion to you is to get a little therapy--you sound like you need it.
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Now that's a fair assessment and review. You didn't find the stories funny; to each his own. It's stating what the book is about and giving a book review when you haven't read it. That's simply ignorant; like assessing people you've never met or thinking you're a shrink. (So far you assessing seems to be if people don't agree with you they are bitter.) I am skeptical that you read all the excerpts because they paint very accurately that he is not bitter and that the book is not a work of revenge. If you had simply stated you didn't think the stories were funny that would have been totally cool. It's the fact that you discuss things and make inferences. Yes, it bugs me when I see that on the web because people like you try to sound like you read something or have knowledge of things you don't. You only admit you don't when someone calls you on it. Also, people like you are always posting things in inappropriate places and putting everyone else down; like your opinion on peoples' entries and stories on this site and telling us all what you want to read. Yet, I don't see you putting up any stories or adding to the actual content. I think I shall call you "Mouth" from now on. My point was if you want to see different types of stories here why not spread the word to get them here or add content yourself, not just categorically insult everybody else here? 
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I'm skeptical, too; Janipurr doesn't make sense. (Sorry - 'Mouth'.) I think it's just a plant. If they didn't like the stories and didn't think they were funny, why did they read them all? There are scores of them and it's alot to read. Someone who didn't like them certainly would not read them all. So either Mouth liked them or didn't read them but they didn't dislike them and read them all.

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I have to say, that little banter was almost funnier than the excerpts. come on, you guys. this is supposed to be a fun, ridiculous little thing that's really quite pointless but entertaining nonetheless. get over it.
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