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So I am three weeks out of a Two Year Relationship with a very emotion breakup, and I was having very serious second thoughts about breaking up with my Ex. Since my Ex and I were no longer talking, a very religious person I work with invites me to dinner in order to distract me from my depression.

When I get to dinner, my religious Co-Worker and his wife tell me they also invited a single woman my age. I kind of knew it was a set-up going in, and I was not really in any condition to date, but I pushed forward to be polite.

The woman shows up and she is very attractive, also attractive enough to get my mind off my Ex, and I start to have some energy again. She orders a Gin & Tonic, gulps it down, then orders another and gulps that on down to battle her nervousness. I found that HOT, and I the old Shawn started to come back to life.

This young lady joins us, and I am suddenly that guy I remember before the Two Year Relationship. I am charismatic, funny, and I am in total control.

As my Co-Worker and his wife excuse their self to give us some privacy, this stunning blond opens up and tells me that she got divorced a year ago, and that she had a tough time of it.

She orders two more Gin & Tonics, then tells me about how she coped with the breakup, and did stuff, "She was not proud of."

So like an idiot, I responded, "Like what?"

Now that she had four stiff drinks, she admitted to going downtown into Chicago and just sleeping with different men to get back at her Ex. One guy introduced her to Marijuana, and  she started dating him for the free Weed. Then she met a guy with introduced her to cocaine, and she dated that guy for a while, and even slept with his friends.

Again, I have just known her for Twenty Minutes.

The lady then told me she knew she had a drug problem when two guys were having sex with her at once and all she could think about was "the blow they would have to give her for that."

About that time my religious co-worker and his wife came back to the table and asked how we were getting along. That's when my Co-Worker told me they had known this lady from their church, and she had been baby-sitting their two daughters for the past few years.

The girl was drunk out of her mind, the waiter cut her off, and then she got mad and left, after bumping her car into my company vehicle.

That is the day I promised myself that I would never let another good woman go.

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