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After what I now know was a one night stand, I wanted to seek a little revenge on the plumber. Yes a plumber. I saw his truck parked along side of the road on the job site and thought I would teach him a lesson. I very simply popped the hood of his truck, took a lead pencil and made heavy lines on the metal part of the distributor. Hey it was the 90's very easy to under the hood. Since the graphite in the pencil is a better conductor then the metal in the spark plugs his truck would not start. I have this great image of him pissed off, screaming at the truck because it would not start. CRANK, CRANK Ha-Ha! It sat there for a couple days never moving. Once when I pasted by it a mechanic was looking at the truck and could not figure out why it would not start. The next day I took and removed the pencil marks with a little WD-40.

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